Ozark A-model Mandolele Wide Neck

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Product Code: 2260WN


  • Solid hand carved spruce top
  • Solid mahogany back and sides
  • Wide neck
  • 37mm nut width
  • Adjustable ebony bridge
  • Gold plated machines
  • Gold plated tailpiece
  • Scale lenth: 350mm

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An all-solid wide neck mandolele with excellent tone and great projection. Tuned AECG with the bottom 3 courses in octaves. The octave tuning gives a unique sound and voice while the wide neck and tuning make the Ozark mandolele ideal for the guitarist who has always wanted to play mandolin without learning to play in 5ths. Gauges for strings 0.015"/0.038"w (G) 0.011"/0.028"w (C) 0.009"/0.020"w (E) 0.013"/0.013"(A). Specifications subject to change according to availability