Ozark open back 'frailing' banjo

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Product Code: 2113G


  • Walnut shell
  • Rolled brass tone ring
  • Open back
  • Double co-ordinator rods
  • 24 plated brackets
  • Walnut neck
  • Ovangkol inlaid fingerboard
  • 18 frets
  • Planetary geared pegs
  • 11" REMO coated head
  • Scale length: 665 mm
  • Includes Ozark padded cover

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An excellent natural maple open back banjo, ideal for playing old time, frailing and clawhammer styles. The Ozark 2113G banjo is a good quality instrument with a high standard of construction, featuring a rolled brass tone ring for enhanced tone. The ovangkol fingerboard, set with star inlays, has a ‘frailer scoop’ for this particular style of playing. The fingerboard is scooped down after the 18th fret to make is easier for clawhammer players to play above the fingerboard, achieving a warmer, darker tone.